Record calls in TexasTexas is one of 38 states with a “one-party consent” rule when it comes to recording calls. That means that you’re allowed to record a call with just the consent of one person (which could be you!). You don’t have to tell the other parties that you’re recording, or play a beep in the background, or anything like that to record a call.

The law is phrased this way – “one-party consent” – to keep people who aren’t part of the conversation from recording the call. Typically that’s used to keep companies from spying on their employees, but it would also apply to situations like untrusting partners spying on their significant others. Just keep in mind that if you give permission to an employer to listen to your calls as part of your contract, that’s considered consent for the duration of your employment.

Texas Penal Code 16.02 states “…it is an affirmative defense to prosecution under Subsection (b) that … intercepts a wire, oral, or electronic communication, if … the person is a party to the communication.”

Texas law doesn’t specify the exact way you can record calls. With Secure Speak, we give you a phone number that you can 3-way into any call. Whatever that number hears gets recorded, and emailed to you when the call is done. We’re currently offering free 14-day trials, so you can try recording calls for free!


Secure Speak is not a licensed lawyer and any statements do not constitute legal advice. Contact a lawyer for information pertaining to your specific case, and reference Texas Penal Code 16.02 directly.


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