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  • Record inbound & outbound calls
  • Silent & anonymous recordings
  • Use any phone
  • Recordings emailed to your inbox
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Record calls and save as mp3

Over 100,000 minutes recorded with Secure Speak

Record phone calls in progress

Record calls in progress

If you're in the middle of a call that you want to record, you can 3-way in our silent recording number (if your phone supports 3-way calling). Our system will recognize your caller ID and the remainder of the call will be recorded and emailed to you.

Silently record phone calls

Silently record calls

No interruptive beeping or automated recording announcements. Be sure to follow any applicable local laws though!

No recording equipment

No equipment necessary

All calls are securely routed through our state of the art call recording system. No sloppy tapes means static-free crystal clear recordings.

Record calls in the US, UK & Canada

US, UK, and Canada Support

All accounts are assigned a local number from your country that you can 3-way in to any call you'd like recorded. No need to dial internationally to record calls! Currently we support US, UK, and Canadian numbers, with limited support for New Zealand numbers.

Secure mp3 storage

Secure mp3 recordings

After you finish your call, we'll email you an mp3 recording and you can securely listen to it by logging into your account. The mp3s are available for download in your account too.