recording-calls-in-coloradoWe’re based in Colorado, and many of our customers are too, so we frequently get asked if it’s legal to record phone calls in the mile high city.

The short answer – yes, you can record phone calls in Colorado.

Colorado is considered a “one-party” consent state. This means that only one party to a conversation needs to give consent – and that person can be you. It’s worded this way so that you can’t evesdrop and record a different conversation that you’re not a party to.


How do I record calls?

Colorado law doesn’t explicitally state how you can and can’t record calls. You can use a handheld recorder, a microphone, or of course our call recording system. With our system, you simply 3-way in our recording line to any call – whatever it hears gets recorded and sent to you as an attachment in an email. See how recording calls works, and take a look at our pricing page.


Secure Speak Call Recording Plans

  • Works on all phones (iPhone, Android, Windows, even landlines!)
  • Crystal clear recordings
  • Recordings emailed to your inbox
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free phone support


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