We’re happy to annouce that we’ve launched Secure Speak for Brazil today!

Secure Speak is the easiest way to record phone calls from any phone. We assign you a private phone number which you can 3-way into any call. Whatever this private line hears gets recorded, and then the recording is sent to you immedidatedly via email.

Now that we’ve added support for Brazil, you’ll be assigned your own local phone number, like +55 21 4560-XXXX (or locally, written as (21) 4560-XXXX). In the past you needed to dial internationally to our US lines, so this should save our Brazilian customers a bunch of money.

We’re currently offering free 14-day trials on all starter accounts – so sign up and give it a shot!


Note: Brazilian law requires call centers to record all phone calls and make them available to customers. Check your local laws about the specific legaility surrounding call recording in your area.

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