Frequently asked questions

About the service

Will the person I'm calling know that I'm recording?
Not unless you tell them. You're making 2 separate phone calls - one to your Secure Speak recording line, the other to the person you want to call. Your caller ID will show up to the other person, and they won't know that there's another line merged in. Be sure to follow all local and state laws though!

Does the Secure Speak call recorder line make any noise?
Nope! It's completely silent, and others on the line won't notice a thing.

Why would I want to record a call?
Sometimes it's just good to have a record of a conversation. Whether you're going over important contract terms, or speaking with a suspected-cheating partner, there are times you wish you had the conversation on record.

What countries do you support?
We currently support US, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Australia. When you log into your dashboard, you'll see a local phone number from your country that you'll use to 3-way in to calls you want to record. If you want support for another country, contact and we'll probably be able to accommodate you.

Account configuration & billing

What happens if I run out of minutes during a call?
Don't worry - we won't ever stop a call in progress. You're allowed to go over once per billing period, and then you'll have to upgrade your account if you want to make more calls.

Do you offer bulk discount rates?
If you're looking for a plan with more than 1,000 minutes/month, contact us for special pricing.

How do I cancel my account?
Log into your account and go to Account > Billing and at the bottom is a link to the cancelation page. Once you submit the form your subscription will be canceled immediately, and you'll never be billed in the future. If you're in the middle of your billing cycle, your account will stay active for the remaining period, and you'll be able to record calls like normal (applies to free trials too).

What will appear on my credit card statement?
All charges are listed as 'SECURESPEAK.COM'


The call recording line keeps hanging up, why?
You have to call from one of the phone numbers registered in your account. This allows us to look at the caller ID, and know it's your account. Because of this, we don't require you to enter any authorization codes, and are able to stay completely silent in the background.

If this continues to happen, double check the "Authorized Numbers" listed in your account for any mistakes. If they still look correct, delete the number and add it again, making sure to select the country from the dropdown menu.

How do I make a 3-way call?
It's different on each phone, and we're working on guides for the most common phones. Here's a guide we like on how to 3-way call from the iPhone.

Is there a limit to the length of a recording?
4 hours. If you need to record longer, you'll have to hangup and make a second call. Additionally, if there is silence for more than 4 minutes, our recorder will hang up.

The email with the recording didn't come through
First check your spam folder, sometimes they get accidentally placed there. The emails are processed every 10 minutes, so if it doesn't come through in more than 2 cycles (20 minutes), send a message to for help.

There was no recording attached to the email
Most email providers have a limit on attachment size, so if your call was pretty long, it may be too big to attach to an email. Instead, you can log into your account and download it from the calls page. We try to attach the recordings to emails if they're 24MB or smaller. That's usually around 25 minutes of talk time.