How to Record Phone Calls

Call your private recording line

Call your private recording line

3-way in the other person

3-way in party you want to record

Hangup & check email for recording

Call recordings emailed to you

Record inbound & outbound calls

Record Inbound & Outbound Calls

Few services actually allow you to record inbound calls. That's because almost all call recording solutions make you dial their number, then enter in the number you're calling, and they place the call on your behalf. That makes it impossible to record inbound calls. But with Secure Speak, you can just 3-way in our recording line to a call in progress, and whatever that recording line hears will be recorded and emailed to you.

Silently record phone calls

Silent & Anonymous Recordings

People sometimes act differently when they know they're being recorded. If you try recording a call with a handheld tape recorded, you'll probably have to put your phone on speaker, which may raise suspicion.

Our recording lines are dead silent - no beeps, no static, just absolute silence. We don't even play a welcome message when you dial in (this allows you to start recording inbound calls anonymously).

While it's okay to record without telling the other party in 38 states, you must follow all state and local laws when using our service. For the other 12 states that require you to notify all parties that you're recording, our lines still stay silent, allowing you to announce that you're recording however you see best.

No recording equipment

No Equipment Necessary

Just save your Secure Speak recording line as a contact in your phone, and you'll be ready to record a call anytime. No need to bring a handheld recorder everywhere you go. The calls are higher quality too - as you always loose a bit when holding up a recorder next to a speaker.

Secure mp3 recording storage

Secure .mp3 Recordings

Within a few minutes of a call finishing, you'll receive an email with your recording attached as an mp3 audio file. These recordings are also securely stored in your account, which you can download at any time.

Free Trial

Cancel instantly anytime during the trial - you won't be billed a penny.

Record iPhone Calls

Using an iPhone?

See Secure Speak in action recording calls on an iPhone.

Youtube video how to record calls